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Kadee® Catalog

Kadee Calaog Cover

Kadee® Catalog Features
• 62 Pages
• Updateable Design Layout.
• Free updates available on the Kadee® web site.
• Free downloadable versions available on the Kadee® web site.
• Designed to use in a 3 ring binder or report cover with 3 tang fasteners.
• Designed to be easily updated by printing out page web updates, 2 sided from any printer.
• Print Version has a padded left edge for temporary containment of pages, until it can be place
in a 3 ring binder or report cover with 3 tang fasteners.

Free Download - Kadee Catalog Digital PDF Full Color Version

Kadee® Catalog
(August 2018 ver. - with Kadee® RC Section & all updates)
Digital PDF Version
- 62 pages - with Color Photos
Designed to be printed 2 sided from a printer.



Kadee Catalog Black & White Printed Version
#85 Kadee® Catalog Black and White, Printed 2 sided, padded left edge, & punched for 3 ring binder (60 pages) Printed version also includes a Price List, HO-Scale & Large-Scale Conversion List, & "RTR" Car List. 1 Each $4.95
Shipping for a Printed Catalog ordered by itself is $5.00 (US), $15.00 (International) if it is ordered with other merchandise standard Shipping & Handling fees apply.
Other Kadee® Document Downloads to keep your Kadee® Catalog up to date.
Kadee® Price list HO-Scale Conversion List Handout Large-Scale Conversion List Handout

Monthly Flyer

General Printing Instructions:
manually print 2 sided or print 2 sided using automatic duplexing
Note: duplexing is not available in all printers.
The following steps explain how to print on both sides of the paper manually.
Step 1: Consult your printer manual or print a test sheet if you’re not sure on which side of the paper—face up or face down—your machine prints.
Step 2: Enter the numbers of odd-numbered pages to be printed (1, 3, 5, and so on) in the Print dialog box.
Step 3: Load the paper and click OK to print the odd pages.
Step 4 Keep the pages in order and reload them into the printer, with the opposite side of the stack facing up this time. (Make sure the top edge of your pages is the same for both odd and even pages so you don’t end up with upside-down printing on one side.)
Step 5: Enter the even-numbered pages to be printed in reverse order (12, 10, 8, 6, and so on) in the Print dialog box, and click OK to print.

The following steps explain how to set your printer options to automatic duplexing:
Step 1: Go to your PC’s Print dialog box and click on Properties.
Step 2: Click on the Printing Shortcuts tab, and select Two-sided (Duplex) Printing from the drop-down menu.
Step 3:

Select Automatic from the Print on both sides drop-down menu.

Consult your printer manual for any questions you have for operating your printer. Unfortunately, we do not provide support for the operation of your printer.

Kadee® Catalog Updates
Print replacement pages form our "Enhanced for Printing" Kadee® Catalog Downloadable version
to keep your Kadee® catalog up to date from your home printer.

2012-2017 Catalog Updates

Catalog Version pages changed / added / updated
June 2017 Catalog to the February 2018 update.

Copyright date change to 2018 on all catalog pages.
© 2018 Kadee® Quality Products Co.
Page # revision reset to .0
#1 & G - 4.1

February 2018 Catalog to the March 2018 update.

HOn3 - 2.1, 3.0, 4.0
Multi - 4.1

March 2018 Catalog to the May 2018 update.

Multi - 4.2

May 2018 Catalog to the August 2018 update.

HO - 21.1

August 2018 Catalog to the September, 2018 update.

Catalog cover page - Prop 65 Warning
Kadee® - RC - 4.1 - Prop 65 Warning