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Custom Water Slide Decal Options
Kadee® Quality Products Co.
We offering three custom water slide decal options out of the five that are avalable.

Printed Custom Decals
Advantages - Economic Larger Quantity Runs, High Resolution 3600 dpi, legible legible lettering down to 1.5pt to 2pt font.
Disadvantages - Longer Turn Around, black ink only.

Alps Thermal Printer Custom Decals
Advantages - Small Runs, No Minimums, Quick Turn Around, legible lettering down to around 6pt font.
(up to 3 spot color - white, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, metallic gold, metallic silver)
Disadvantages - More expensive per sheet, Ink scratches easily if not sealed,
Complicated artwork setup, 60 lpi screening.

Full Color Laser Printer Custom Decals
Advantages - CMYK 4-Color Process waterslide Decals, Small Runs, No Minimums, Quick Turn Around,
legible lettering down to around 6pt font.
Full Color Printer (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), approximately 150 lpi screening, 600 dpi resolution.
Disadvantages - No White or Metallic Ink

Silk Screen Decals (We don't run)
Advantages - Dense Colors without the need for white underlay, custom decal shapes.
(Number of colors that can be printed - unknown)
(output resolution - unknown)
Disadvantages -Expensive, Large Runs, Inconsistent Lettering, Blobby Lettering.

Ink Jet Decals (We don't run)
Advantages - Small Runs, Inexpensive, Easy, Full Color, High Resolution depending on printer,
You can run yourself, legible lettering down to around 6pt font.
Disadvantages - NO WHITE INK, Translucent Lettering, Colors only work on white backgrounds,
Ink will dissolve when decal is applied if not sealed properly.